Easter 2022 Dressage

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Autumn/Halloween Dressage

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Well done, and thank you to all who entered. There were some fabulously fancy-dressed competitors




Thank you to everyone involved in the GRS Fun Show on Sunday 5th Sept. The organisers, the sponsors, the volunteers, Carol Street Equine Photography, Burger World and of course all the competitors.

We will be donating a total of £787.11 to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Results are available here:

In-Hand and Fun Showing Results

Jumping Results

Ridden Results

Many thanks to the sponsors who helped make the show a success:

Anderson Kitchens

Binder Ltd

Carol Street Photography

Clarke & Simpson

Deben Valley Veterinary Clinic

Easton Farm Park

Equitrek / Agrimark

Foster Media

Grange Farm, Hasket

Hilton Macarons, Framlingham

James Buckle, Master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt

Lucy Gooderham / Equilinks

Optimum Event Management

Poplar Park Equestrian Centre

Rackhams Ltd

RW Curle Electricians

Salter Pet Nutrition

Saracen Horse Feeds

Water Farm Dressage Centre

Lots of positive feedback received and seeing so many people enjoying the day with their horses and ponies made the sleepless nights, weeks of planning, hours of graft and the last minute panics worth it!

Just a few of the comments received below:

Thank you all for a fantastic show.. the friendliest and best organised we’ve been to this year.. having times for the classes was brilliant and took the stress out of the day… we all had a lovely time.

Thank you everyone who made the day possible. A lovely relaxed and friendly show. Look forward to seeing the photos 

Thank you for such a lovely friendly show we had such a wonderful time x

Thank you for the loveliest morning! Fletcher’s first ever show and he was presented with a red ribbon! Such kind and encouraging people all round xx

Thank you for a lovely show on Sunday. We had such a nice time for my little ones’ first show - they really enjoyed it. My little boy even decided to show off his ‘no hands’ riding to the judge!

Thank you to all the organisers for a lovely friendly show yesterday.


Team Manager’s report for the NAF 5 Star National Championships at Lincolnshire Showground Sunday 5th September 2021.

What a junior team to be proud of!

The start to preparations was a little fraught with two of our members not being able to bring their horses due to injury, so at the last minute, and true to Gipping team spirit, we managed to work out a way to share the horses that were going so that the everyone could still take part, and Amber and Megan quickly got acquainted with Freya and Jessica’s ponies having some fun on Saturday evening in the parking field!

Competition day started bright and early at 6am when the ponies were collected from their stables and brought up for breakfast along with lots of scrubbing, plaiting, painting, and brushing, as our youngest members, Freya and Jess were on first at 8.30am. They had chosen to enter a junior pairs direct entry class and had choreographed a very sweet test incorporating all the required movements. They had super matching expertly plaited tails, thanks to Kath, and looked quite a pair on their height matching skewbald and piebald. Their test was very well executed, and they had the sharpest timed salutes you ever did see! We may have struck lucky on the number of entrants, but we were super happy to take a beautiful second place rosette and a huge bucket each of NAF goodies from the sponsors!

Next up was the turn of Charlotte, as she had entered the native pony dressage direct entry class, which started just as the pairs were finishing – so we all rushed to the opposite end of the field to capture this, especially Amber, who kindly was photographing all the proceedings throughout the day for us! Charlotte left the arena with the biggest smile and was super proud of Shewy’s performance, so that was enough for us, and they received a very respectable 66% - which I think Charlotte claimed as their best yet! Just out of the placings on this occasion.

Quickly the team of four dressage championship classes started, with Jess riding Pea in Prelim 12, Charlotte and Shewy again in Prelim 7, Megan on Dolly (Freya’s pony most know as Floss) for Prelim 18, and Amber on our trusted cob Bluey (Who not only had just finished pairs, but was also now trying his hoof at novice, only to notice his front shoe was missing – gulp!) for Novice 24. They all rode super accurate tests, with mid 60’s scores which we were really proud of in the circumstances, to secure a team 15th overall. Out of the placings, but I think it’s safe to say they all had a great time!

As the dressage concluded the pairs combinations were rushing off to find the Showjumping rings as Freya and Floss had qualified to compete in the 75cm SJ with Style and Jess and Bluey in the 85cm with Style. To achieve this, another great team effort, as Amanda took Pea back to the stables with Shewy, so I could follow Jess in the hope of finding the farrier before the jumping class started! We arrived at the SJ just as Freya entered the arena and stood mesmerised as she rode a clear round with no time penalties! Sadly out of the placings, however, I want to recognise the huge achievement for a combination, who at the start of the season was struggling with confidence over small jumps! Mum, Clare was in floods in tears, and I was choking up too – it was quite a spectacle and Floss really was the star of the day at this point!

Next Jess was warming up for the 85cm, and still sadly no sign of the farrier, so after trying the practice jumps, we decided Bluey was sound enough to compete, so off they went. They had a super start, and the commentator was clearly very taken with this honest pony giving his all to jump a challenging course, when, at jump 5 Jessica had a stirrup malfunction, and felt it best to retire! A very brave and mature decision!

The return to the stables found that Charlotte and Amanda had kindly done the mucking out, and then the Dickson’s cleared down the stables, whilst Clare and I packed up the camp area. Once ready to leave we met at the secretary tent for final farewells, to collect test sheets and grab this photo! The photo shows the happy and tired faces of the team, all sporting their championship clothing, which excitedly has the names of all their horses on the back! Everyone got home safely, and I think are looking forward to next year to try again, with several lessons learned. Time to think about the winter championships now, especially sleeping alternatives to a tent LOL – please get in touch if you would like to join us at gippingteams@gmail.com.

Jill x

naf 5 STAR.jpg

Congratulations to all our riders today at the National Dressage Qualifiers, you really danced your socks off and did the club proud. It was a sticky start with a few withdrawals and changes for injury but we still managed to turn out our teams (with hats ;0) )

The photo here is our junior dressage team who achieved joint 1st place to qualify for championships! Sadly they had run out of rosettes, so they will follow! Amber Dickson placed 1st in her novice class Kathryn Dickson Megan Dickson placed 3rd in her prelim. Jessica Baldwin placed 1st in her prelim and Charlotte Amanda Salmon placed 5th - super results!

Our Junior Riding Test placed a fantastic 2nd place. With an individual 4th placing for Jessica and 6th place for Hannah Baldwin. Well done team!

Our individual juniors for Intro were all in the placings too. Freya Clare Button 6th, Lucie Claire Osborne 4th and Hannah Baldwin 3rd. (An extra well done to Lucie for her first outing thanks to the wonderful Dallas on loan from Emma Jardine - he did you proud and looked after her very well!)

Mary (Hayley) King competed as an individual junior in Prelim 7 and placed 2nd - another super result!

Our seniors did really well too, with our open team all placing 4th in their respective classes, securing them a 6th overall as a team - well done to Tayne Louise Eaton, Sarah Ahrens and Nicola Taylor

Unfortunately our prelim senior team didn’t place this time, however there was a 2nd Individual place for Tayne Louise Eaton and a 6th for Sarah Ahrens so really well done!

Also thank you to Danielle Noble for stepping in to the team slot at short notice and to Emma Matthews for some lovely riding, sadly just both outside the placings on this occasion.

I didn’t stop running around today, so haven’t many photos to share, so please do share your highlights from today in the comments, I would love to see them as we all looked very smart!

I was so proud to represent each and every member today, it was another super Gipping team effort.

One final thanks must go to Iain Saunders and James Button, as they spent their afternoon as scoring assistants, taking our turn to help proceedings so that everyone could compete! They deserve a pint tonight!

Junior dressage team 2021.jpg

The ODE individual results are in, although provisional at this point. Our junior 90 riders did really well, with a 3rd placing for Isla Mattock Vicky Mattock and a 6th placing for Rebekah Nicholson Rachel Nicholson - well done ladies and we will get your rosettes to you!

The 80cm juniors were just out of the rosettes placing 7th for Emma Jardine and 9th for Violet Gladden Lorna Redgewell - well done ladies, great results in a large class!

A final well done to all of our competitors, and thank you for representing our club, and we hope you had a lovely day!

Jill & Kerry

18th April - Spring Dressage at Crows Hall

Test         Rider                              Horse                                       %         Placing

Intro B     Phoebe Smith               Lady                                                WD 

Intro B     Florence Rosten           Teddy                                       61.1       3RD

Intro B     Megan Meadows         Anchor Bustard                        66.3     1ST

Intro B     Emma Ford                   Hot Tottie                                 61.7      2ND

Intro B     Tamara Sturgeon         Jade IV                                     59.8    5TH

Intro B     Rowan Dudley              Mister Fluff                               60.7    4TH

Intro B     Abi Milner                     Taste The Rainbow                 54.3     6TH

Intro B     Nick Westwood            Tomos                                      57        5TH

Intro B     Abbie Oliver-Wilson     Honey Brook Lucky Charm    53.9 

Intro B     Debbie Knights            Greateaves Grandslam           70.2     1ST

Intro B     Katie Hull                      Jamal                                        64.6     3RD

Intro B     Sarah Lummis              Bertie                                        59.3     4TH

Intro B     Nicola Taylor                Bee                                           65.4     2ND

Intro C     Jasmine Briggs            Mouse                                     61.1       3RD

Intro C     Megan Meadows       Greateaves Grandslam           59.6      5TH

Intro C     Tamara Sturgeon       Jade IV                                     60         4TH

Intro C     Rowan Dudley            Mister Fluff                               59.6     6TH

Intro C     Freya Button              Floss                                          71.1       1ST

Intro C     Brooke Sturgeon       Cennan Sultan                          67.2      2ND

Intro C     Katie Hull                   Jamal                                         67         1ST

Intro C     Sarah Lummis           Bertie                                         62.8      2ND

Intro C     Nicola Taylor             Bee                                            61.1        3RD

Prelim 1    Jasmine Briggs         Mouse                                       58.8      5TH

Prelim 1    Freya Button             Floss                                          68.7      2ND

Prelim 1    Brooke Sturgeon      Cennan Sultan                          67.6      3RD

Prelim 1    Jessica Baldwin        Careless Painter                       62.1       4TH

Prelim 1    Mary King                  Redwing's Quincy                    69.5      1ST

Prelim 1    Debbie Knights         Anchor Bustard                         75          2ND

Prelim 1    Helen Whitbread      Hot Tottie                                  70.3       3RD

Prelim 1    Lucy Howell              Saint Patrick                              67.4       4TH

Prelim 1    Emma Matthews       King Leo                                    66.8      5TH

Prelim 1    Lucy Gooderham      Rockfield Tom Tom                  77.4       1ST

Prelim 13  Brooke Sturgeon       Cennan Sultan                        58.1        3RD

Prelim 13  Jessica Baldwin         Careless Painter                     68.1        1ST

Prelim 13  Mary King                   Redwing's Quincy                   63.1        2ND

Prelim 13  Emma Matthews        King Leo                                   59          6TH

Prelim 13  Lucy Gooderham       Rockfield Tom Tom                 69          3RD

Prelim 13  Sarah Ahrens             Striking Stone                          66.2       5TH

Prelim 13  Kerry Baldwin             Maddison Star                         71.5        1ST

Prelim 13  Tayne Eaton               Lochmore Isaac                       71           2ND

Prelim 13  Julia HicksLolly                                                                   WD 

Prelim 13  Sarah Ahrens             Crossowen Wise Guy              66.7       4TH

Novice 24 Sarah Ahrens            Striking Stone                          72.4       1ST

Novice 24 Kerry Baldwin           Maddison Star                          67          3RD

Novice 24 Tayne Eaton             Lochmore Isaac                        68          2ND

Novice 24 Julia Hicks                Lolly                                                  WD 

Novice 24 Sarah Ahrens           Crossowen Wise Guy               66.5       4TH

Novice 24 Caroline Spurrier     Casper                                              WD 

Novice 24 Sarah Lummis          Charlies Spot                             62.6       6TH

Novice 24 Rachel Leek             The Tramp                                 65.7       5TH