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If you are interested in taking part in any BRC team events as part of GRS, you will need to be a member of GRS.

Please contact Jill at for any further information

Are you an over 18 GRS Member, and free Saturday 30th September 2023?


BRC Introductory Championships

Venue: Bury Farm Equestrian Club, Mill Road, Slapton, Leighton Buzzard LU7 9BT


We are looking for someone to join the senior team for the dressage test Intro A. You need to be eligible to ride an Intro test for BRC Championships? £19.50 entry




Members of the team are booked in for stabling on the Friday night, and we always have great fun staying away together. This would be an excellent way to get involved with the team competitions.


You must not have any BD points at any level, and can check your eligibility here, in the BRC Handbook:


Please contact us if you would like to come, and should we have more than one member interested, then we will draw the rider from a hat.


Jill & Kerry


The exciting start of Winter Qualifiers is upon us. These competitions are to qualify to attend the BRC Winter Novice Championships held 6th-7th  of April 2024 at Arena UK, Allington Lane, Allington, Grantham, NG32 2EF (Please note the Junior dressage qualifier is also for the Intermediate Championships, which are yet TBC)


Qualifiers are available to all current BRC members, and each class in each qualifier has its own eligibility criteria, which you can find in the BRC handbook online – and you must check this, to ensure the rider and horse are eligible. Details can be found here:

All our qualifiers are ready to enter via GRS Webcollect, and the details, schedules, and deadlines are all now online and open for the following:

  • ·       Junior Winter Dressage at Crows Hall on Sunday 15th October 2023

  • ·       Senior and Junior Arena Eventing at Suffolk Equestrian Centre on Sunday 29th October 2023

  • ·       Senior & Junior Novice Showjumping at Topthorn Arena on Sunday 19th November 2023


Please note you need to ensure we have photos of your horse’s passport including current vaccinations if you wish to enter, and these can be emailed to

If you are curious but not sure about the finer details of these qualifiers or want to know more about any aspect of competing for the club as an individual or a team, please do contact us on the above email, and we will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, volunteer to come and be a nominated helper and see for yourself!

We try our best to create a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere at these competitions and are always keen to welcome new members.

Jill & Kerry

Sunday 2nd July at Geldeston - SJ and style qualifier

We had two super junior teams at this event. The 70cm team went first and Violet led the way with a nice clear round, as did Brooke and Jessica and Emma came on her first SJ outing with us and just had one question, which wasn’t surprising as the ground was challenging and very slippery! The girls did an awesome job communicating to one another how to ride their ponies safely around the course, and it was a joy to watch them bringing their horses back to a steady trot to tackle the slippery turns, as we saw too many ponies lose their footing! The second rounds caused a few more questions with us taking some poles, although Brooke pulled out a stonking double clear to finish individually 3rd and the team finished 3rd overall too.

The style competition was next and our 75cm riders went first - Violet and Brooke both did a lovely display of flatwork (Nanny Stubbs had her hands on her head - wrong canter lead Brooke! Quickly corrected!) they both jumped clear and on the optimum time finishing with a 2nd for Violet and. 3rd for Brooke. There was a delay for the 85cm starting as we had a visit from the air ambulance (again! Sadly a broken femur this time from a fall in the senior SJ, wishing the rider a speedy recovery) when we did start again, Robbie Racehorse had switched off and although he did a super flatwork display, the bigger jumps were too much for him and Jess retired him after jump three (a very sensible but difficult decision when all your friends are watching!) Kayla and Bobby were our anchor partnership and pulled off a super display and lovely round of jumps (and that Jacobs ladder was huge!) to finish an amazing second as individuals, with an overall team 2nd! Always a pleasure to watch these two!

Once again very proud to take these young riders out, they supported one another with tremendous team spirit, and did the club proud! Some championships places potentially subject to BRC invites, I will be in touch!

Thank you to Beccles and Bungay for hosting us and to all the parents and grandparents that helped on the day, in one way or another!

Dressage this coming weekend!

Dear Members,


Finn Valley Riding Club (FVRC) are hosting the Area 14 British Riding Clubs (BRC) ONE-DAY EVENT (Open to members of British Riding Clubs only)



Please note this is a qualifier for the ODE Champs at Swalcliffe, Oxon on the 4-6th August 2023.

There are classes from 70cm-100cm, for both juniors and seniors

Please check eligibility on page 94 of the BRC handbook.


The entry fee is £76 per class which includes the FVRC entry (£60) and the BRC pre-entry (£16) Once you have entered, please email your horse passport pages, including the passport number, microchip, and full vaccination record to

Entries close on 31st May 2023, to allow us time to organise teams and complete the administration.


If you are not competing, this is a super day out, and we are grateful for any offers of help as a steward or to fence judge, it is a great way to get involved with the club, and you are guaranteed a great day of sport to watch! Please get in touch, and we will pass on your details to the organisers.


Any questions get in touch, Jill & Kerry

How exciting we have our invites for the Arena Eventing Championships (11th March at Washbrook Farm, Aston-Le-Walls) and the Novice Winter Championships (1-2 April at Arena UK Seniors on 1st April and Juniors on 2nd April) and we have lots of competitors invited to attend:

AE80 Junior team: Grace Hotham (Lucy Langdale) Kayla Perry (Anna Perry) Jessica Baldwin Violet Gladden (Lorna Redgewell)

Novice Winter Senior Dressage: Harriet Allen

Novice Winter Junior Dressage: Isabel Masters (Samantha Masters) Freya Button (Clare Button) Jessica Baldwin Megan Dickson (Kathryn Dickson) Brooke Sturgeon (Claire Sturgeon)

Novice Winter Junior 70cm SJ team: Jessica Baldwin Freya Button (Clare Button) Kayla Perry (Anna Perry) and Brooke Sturgeon (Claire Sturgeon)


We have opened web collect until the end of January to collect your entries, or for you to indicate that you will decline your place, to allow sufficient time for the entry forms to be submitted, and any reserves to be approached, if applicable. We will submit our entries and details of our team volunteer helpers, but it is the competitor's responsibility to organise any stabling if required. FULL DETAILS ON WEBCOLLECT

Any questions do not hesitate to ask!

What a fantastic turnout! Well done everyone!

Jill & Kerry

As the dust settles on novice senior dressage … here comes the intermediate competition! Handy for us as it is being held at Topthorn on Sunday 25th March. This is a qualifier for the Intermediate Champs at Onley Grounds 22-23 April 2023.

Please email us if interested and we’ll see what teams/individuals we an enter.

Jill & Kerry


What a fun day of competition we had at Wix today for the Novice SJ competition. The juniors were first to go and Freya was our first rider with a lovely clear round on Floss. Jess was next to go and had an educational round for Robbie and he is really starting to get the hang of jumping with just one unlucky pole. Brooke went next on Woody, and as a new partnership we didn’t know what to expect, but they rode a superb clear round. Last to go was Kayla and Bobby and they just quietly got on with their jobs and rode a beautiful clear round which was a delight to watch - so we were very excited heading into the second rounds!

Round 2 saw 4 more smashing rounds from all partnerships to win the class! With Individual placings for Kayla 1st, Brooke, 2nd, Freya 7th and Jess 10th - what a start!

The seniors followed straight after and also had some pleasing rounds! Harriet started us off with her young horse in training and unfortunately she was startled at the final jump by the juniors cheering for prize giving, taking a pole, but Harriet was happy how she rode! Kerry was next to go, and after a nasty fall at Geldeston where Maddie landed on top of her, she was just hoping for a safe round, which she got and went clear for a bonus too! Hannah went next with Bluey, but he didn’t feel right today and pulled out halfway through, well done Hannah for making the call, there is always another day! Finally, Alison took the wonderful Buddy round, and they jumped a lovely clear with a few time penalties, which confused us as he held a lovely steady canter the whole way!

Second rounds all went well too, with just a couple of unlucky poles, so no individual placings today, but a team 6th for the seniors!

We had a great time, and everyone cheered one another on, so can’t ask for more than that!

Sarah Wills rode later in the day for her individual 80 class, and whilst we couldn’t wait to see her round, we followed the online results and hope she was pleased with her 8th placing!

Good luck juniors heading onto Champs next year at Arena UK subject to invitation from BRC.

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