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If you are interested in taking part in any BRC team events as part of GRS, you will need to be a member of GRS.

Please contact Jill at for any further information

How exciting we have our invites for the Arena Eventing Championships (11th March at Washbrook Farm, Aston-Le-Walls) and the Novice Winter Championships (1-2 April at Arena UK Seniors on 1st April and Juniors on 2nd April) and we have lots of competitors invited to attend:

AE80 Junior team: Grace Hotham (Lucy Langdale) Kayla Perry (Anna Perry) Jessica Baldwin Violet Gladden (Lorna Redgewell)

Novice Winter Senior Dressage: Harriet Allen

Novice Winter Junior Dressage: Isabel Masters (Samantha Masters) Freya Button (Clare Button) Jessica Baldwin Megan Dickson (Kathryn Dickson) Brooke Sturgeon (Claire Sturgeon)

Novice Winter Junior 70cm SJ team: Jessica Baldwin Freya Button (Clare Button) Kayla Perry (Anna Perry) and Brooke Sturgeon (Claire Sturgeon)


We have opened web collect until the end of January to collect your entries, or for you to indicate that you will decline your place, to allow sufficient time for the entry forms to be submitted, and any reserves to be approached, if applicable. We will submit our entries and details of our team volunteer helpers, but it is the competitor's responsibility to organise any stabling if required. FULL DETAILS ON WEBCOLLECT

Any questions do not hesitate to ask!

What a fantastic turnout! Well done everyone!

Jill & Kerry

As the dust settles on novice senior dressage … here comes the intermediate competition! Handy for us as it is being held at Topthorn on Sunday 25th March. This is a qualifier for the Intermediate Champs at Onley Grounds 22-23 April 2023.

Please email us if interested and we’ll see what teams/individuals we an enter.

Jill & Kerry


What a fun day of competition we had at Wix today for the Novice SJ competition. The juniors were first to go and Freya was our first rider with a lovely clear round on Floss. Jess was next to go and had an educational round for Robbie and he is really starting to get the hang of jumping with just one unlucky pole. Brooke went next on Woody, and as a new partnership we didn’t know what to expect, but they rode a superb clear round. Last to go was Kayla and Bobby and they just quietly got on with their jobs and rode a beautiful clear round which was a delight to watch - so we were very excited heading into the second rounds!

Round 2 saw 4 more smashing rounds from all partnerships to win the class! With Individual placings for Kayla 1st, Brooke, 2nd, Freya 7th and Jess 10th - what a start!

The seniors followed straight after and also had some pleasing rounds! Harriet started us off with her young horse in training and unfortunately she was startled at the final jump by the juniors cheering for prize giving, taking a pole, but Harriet was happy how she rode! Kerry was next to go, and after a nasty fall at Geldeston where Maddie landed on top of her, she was just hoping for a safe round, which she got and went clear for a bonus too! Hannah went next with Bluey, but he didn’t feel right today and pulled out halfway through, well done Hannah for making the call, there is always another day! Finally, Alison took the wonderful Buddy round, and they jumped a lovely clear with a few time penalties, which confused us as he held a lovely steady canter the whole way!

Second rounds all went well too, with just a couple of unlucky poles, so no individual placings today, but a team 6th for the seniors!

We had a great time, and everyone cheered one another on, so can’t ask for more than that!

Sarah Wills rode later in the day for her individual 80 class, and whilst we couldn’t wait to see her round, we followed the online results and hope she was pleased with her 8th placing!

Good luck juniors heading onto Champs next year at Arena UK subject to invitation from BRC.

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